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Using a digital planner lets me consolidate all of my notebooks into one device that I can carry with me day to day and when I travel. Before I had individual notebooks for every client, a paper planner, a journal and documents that needed to review. Now I can use my digital device for all of those!  My purse is so much lighter and I don’t need a briefcase when I travel. My device syncs to my laptop and my phone, so I can look at any of my notes, documents, calendar, tools and anything else that’s on my device. I can write my schedule (or type it), shrink it, copy and paste, and move entire paragraphs to different pages if I need to. I can also turn my handwriting into typed text.  So helpful!


This digital planner is available as a PDF download and is compatible with Remarkable, GoodNotes & other similar products.




The Extraordinary Planner was created as a home for your visions for life right now, the future and provides you space to reflect and review where you have been. It organizes your many passions, priorities, and projects. It is a place to make plans, set goals, track habits and achieve both big dreams and the many small day to day details that keep us extraordinarily busy. Because it’s not just the planner that is extraordinary, it is YOU. It is all of the extra things that you do every day and in many cases, many nights; in your work, business, personal life, relationships, and community, that deem your efforts as extraordinary! In utilizing this planner you will learn exactly how amazing you are as you build your own beautiful life one incredible day and night at a time.


Why Did I Create The Extraordinary Planner?


I was looking for a dated planner that had a format that would work for me and a schedule that would also encompass the complex ins and outs of my very busy personal and professional life. I also thought it would be amazing if I could consolidate personal development, journaling, our family farm business, culinary business, new cookbook, and a side hustle. Oh right, my partner my kids too, and my dogs (Murphy and Luca).


I searched the internet high and low, talked to people all over the United States, and I couldn’t find a dated planner on the market to fit the needs of myself or my national focus group. So, I created this planner to help others who also live a busy, passionate, and extraordinary life. If you need balance, focus, and a sense of true progress towards your goals, these planners are for you.


TOOLS Imagine a planner where you have tools to visualize and make progress on all the things that are important to you.


JOURNAL Imagine a place to consolidate your lists, journaling, self coaching, designs and ideas.


SCHEDULES AND TECHNOLOGIES Where to keep track of multiple schedules, technologies, appointments, and task lists all at once.


GOALS, HEALTH & FINANCES Where your health, finances, and your big picture living are integrated into your regular routine.


HABITS Where you get to choose the critical habits that will lead to your fantastic future.


PROJECTS That contains your project launches, lesson plans, caregiving needs, fundraiser Logistics.


DATED Imagine a planner where you don’t have to hand write all the dates in.




Length: 401 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 11.693 in x 8.268 in

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