frequently asked questions

where do i
buy the planners?

all physical copies of our planners are sold on amazon. all digital copies of our planners are sold on this website.

who created the ep collection?

head to the
"about the author" page to learn all about adrienne evatt, her experience and inspiration.

will this planner
change my life?

yes, the EP planner is incredible, but it isn't magical. The power to transform your life lies within you.

how do i use the tools
in the planners?

there is an example section at the end of the planner that shows you how to best utilize each of the tools.

how do i work
with adrienne?

to see if coaching is a good fit for you.

which planner is
right for me?

Choose from
THE EP Original
paperback, hardcover
or Digital.

Lite & academic editions are coming in 2024.

how do you
handle returns?

see the policies for all
printed planners.

digital planners are non-refundable.

how do you
handle my privacy?

your privacy is
important to us.

read the privacy
policies below.

where do you
hang out online?

we are everywhere.

say hi using the
links at the bottom
of the page.

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